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Free Euros 2024 Colouring Pages!

Getting excited for the Euros?!Download our free ARTventurers printable Euros 2024 colouring pages and get the football frenzy started – you can download the PDF version by clicking the link under each image PDF version HERE PDF version HERE PDF version HERE PDF version HERE PDF version HERE PDF version HERE PDF version HERE

Edible paint recipes!

At ARTventurers we love to paint! Here’s a selection of some of our favourite edible paint recipes to try at home with your mini artists. As with any food based play activity, make sure you screen/check for allergies and intolerances before using! Have fun!!

Sunflowers for Ukraine Printables

The sunflower is a symbol of strength, hope and and happiness. It is also the national flower of Ukraine As adults, as well as struggling to make sense of what is happening right now, many of us are also finding it hard to find the right words to talk to our children and answer their … Continued

Printable Homeschool Graduation Certificate

With just a few days of homeschooling left to go, at ARTventurers we think that both our children and us grown ups deserve a huge applause for making it through these past weeks which have certainly brought their challenges! We all certainly also have a renewed appreciation for the work that teaching staff do day … Continued

ARTventurers Thirty Day Drawing Challenge

During the first and third lockdowns, we’ve been running a thirty day drawing challenge over on Facebook. The aim of the drawing challenge is not only to introduce a daily dose of creativity (which we all need right now!) but also to show our little artists that art can be quick, simple and fun too … Continued

Free Chinese New Year Colouring Pages 2021

As we get ready to celebrate the Year of the Ox, here’s some fab free colouring printables that our ARTventurers might enjoy using at home! PDF versions:Chinese New Year Colouring Sheet 1 Chinese New Year Colouring Sheet 2 Chinese New Year Colouring Sheet 3 Chinese New Year Colouring Sheet 4 Chinese New Year Colouring Sheet … Continued